How does COOL-SPOT work?

A smart combination of cold air and moisture

COOL-SPOT is a cooling technology which extends the storage life of foods. Fine water vapour and cold air are brought together locally through a blower console above a surface, for example a stainless steel work table in a professional kitchen. The storage life of the foods treated in this way is significantly extended. By way of comparison: products which are left untreated in a hot kitchen are often no longer suitable for serving to guests after 10 minutes, whereas products placed under the COOL-SPOT can safely remain uncovered the entire day.

The addition of moisture to the air is important. The cold air cools the fresh products; the added moisture means they do not dry out.

COOL-SPOT creates the perfect storage and working climate for your fresh products by creating a blanket of cold air and water vapour on the work surface. This extremely clean, filtered air and moisture are delivered as separate flows from a stainless-steel dosing system. This is the “Adiabatic cooling effect” of COOL-SPOT. The effect may be compared to the fresh feeling you get when moisture evaporates from your skin. COOL-SPOT makes sure your dishes stay at the right temperature, do not dry out and do not become too moist.