A unique combination of cooled air and vaporised water

Cool-Spot uses a combination of cooled air and ultrasonically vaporised drinking water. In order to guarantee the quality of fresh products and ingredients, dust, grease particles and other contaminants are first removed from the air by means of a filter.

All the components of the Cool-Spot blower unit are made from stainless steel. The individual components are removable, easy to clean and fit in a dishwasher. The construction of the cool bar is entirely smooth on the inside and outside, i.e. there are no seams. Within the supply pipe, condensation and residues of cleaning water are separated from the water vapour produced by the vaporisation unit and diverted to the waste water by means of a siphon.

Cool-Spot complies with all the requirements under the Commodities Act. Recent bacteriological research has shown that Cool-Spot meets the most stringent requirements. This applies to both the blown air and the water vapour.