Why choose COOL-SPOT cooling technology?

Food safety, less food wasting and many more reasons...‚Äč

The Unique features the Cool-Spot climate

1. Preserve quality with appealing presentation:

 Fresh foods stay “Fresh for longer, hours longer” at the right temperature with optimal preservation of quality and appearance of your products.           

2. Sustainable refrigeration solution:

Dramatically reduce your food waste and your environmental impact.

3.  Economic; Cool-Spot pays for itself in no time!

Stop discarding foods after two hours. Simply return them to your refrigerator for the next buffet instead; purchase less products and save on labour.

No more safety concerns thanks to a constant buffet temperature below 7 degrees (HACCP).

4. Optimal food safety:

Cool-Spot is hygienic; the Cool-Spot climate is clean and pure. It creates a barrier between food and ambient air. Particulate matter and insects from the warm ambient air are kept outside the buffet zone and repelled.

5.Optimal logistics:

Cool-Spot provides peace of mind, reduces workflow time pressure and allows for more efficient operation as products retain their quality.

6Work in a relaxed way

Ingredients and dishes stay fresh longer in a cooled workplace. This means your kitchen staff can relax and the logistic process becomes more worry-free and easier. In addition, less time will need to be spent on the administration related to the Dutch 2-hour quality assurance and loss legislation.