Cool-Spot and fish presentation

Cool-Spot and fish presentation

Less spoilage from heating, dehydration and discoloration.

Fish presentation or conditioned space

"You can easily walk away to help a customer, because the fish stays at the right temperature"

Saving costs and an extremely hygienic moisture-neutral climate In the fresh produce sector, Cool-Spot offers the alternative to the cold, conditioned space.

A cool, moisture-neutral climate with a constant temperature between 4 and 7ºC on the worktop. Fresh stays fresh, your cold dishes and fish presentations stay fresh and beautiful outside the fridge for hours.

less spoilage due to heating, dehydration and discoloration. That is why the Harbor Club in The Hague and Vinkeveen opts for a Cool-Spot solution. Saving costs by working energy-efficiently, optimal food safety and more efficient logistics.