Special Console models and projects

Special Console models and projects

1 x CS System, standard single, type H corner console

Solutions for when the series of standard Cool-Spot blow-out consoles does not fit into your interior design or does not meet your requirements / wishes for a specific product presentation such as Sushi, a "Raw Bar" for fish or Fruit de Mere.

Cool-Spot, together with customers and interior designers, have designed and built Tailor Made solutions for all kinds of "special furniture" together with special Cool-Spot consoles in inner corner, outer corner arrangement or hanging wall version.

Examples of Specials can be seen at Harbourclub Vinkeveen and The Hague, Visatier Laren (raw bar), Food Explore Utrecht (outside corner), Seafoodbar Utrecht (hanging) or Hotel De Bazar Rotterdam (3 level open cooling for bottles with a vapor effect).

A Cool-Spot technology unit, and cooling power pack is suitable for a net presentation / discharge length of 4 meters. The overall building length is increased due to the main and support columns. There must be sufficient space at the bottom of the furniture for the Cool-spot technology and the technical connections, such as electricity, water, sewerage and data.

  • Corner Consoles; 4 meters to 4.6 meters presentation, 2 x 2m or extd. 2 x 2.3 m, or A-Symmetrical.