Cool-Spot Wall Buffet single-sided outlet

Cool-Spot Wall Buffet single-sided outlet

1 x CS system standard Type T console single outlet

This Cool-Spot wall system is located at the van der Valk hotel in Breukelen. The powder-coated discharge console has been given the design colour of the interior. Wall buffets with Cool-Spot contribute to an efficient routing for chilled presentation for breakfast and lunch in combination with dairy, bread, muesli, fruit or warm dishes. We call the discharge console of a Cool-Spot wall system a T-model console. On both sides of the "main" center console there is an outlet flank for standard 2m presentation, or extened for 2.3m. The T-model console is available for wall buffets and island buffets that are accessible from one side. The Cool-Spot technology unit, cooling power pack, under the console in the furniture is connected to the DX central cooling system of the building. The furniture will also contain the technical connections for electricity, water, sewerage and data.

  • Standard dimensions: 4 meter presentation; 2 meters to the left and 2 meters to the right, to one side.
  • Extended dimensions: 4.6 meter presentation; 2.3 meters left and 2.3 meters right, to one side.
  • Equipped with Cool-Spot cooling technology 'engine' with single-sided discharge console, made of durable stainless steel. 
  • Space for a dish rack or cupboard space. Also possible with powder coating in RAL colour