Cool-Spot Wall buffet, 2 floors, single outlet.

Cool-Spot Wall buffet, 2 floors, single outlet.

1 x CS system standard single, 2 x discharge beam above each other.

This model offers a solution when you do not have the space for a full 4.3 m Cool-Spot type T discharge console. You can now efficiently use the available cooling energy of the CS technology unit for the maximum 4 meter presentation length to be cooled on a shorter wall buffet.

With this wall-mounted console, as with the maxi Cool-Spot system, double-outlet consoles are assembled. Now two single discharge consoles are placed one above the other with a glass plate as the second floor. With sufficient space along the wall, this is also a solution for presenting cold dishes with warm products on a buffet unit.

This Cool-spot project, together with Hilux-Hillewaerts from Knokke, was placed at the HasHotel in Hasselt, Belgium.

  • Standard dimensions: 4 meter presentation; 2 x air beam above each other, to one side.
  • Extended dimensions: 4.6 meter presentation; 2 x discharge beam, one above the other, to one side.
  • Equipped with Cool-Spot cooling technology power pack, the blow-out console is made of durable stainless steel.
  • Less space for shelves, and plate niche or cabinets on site console
  • Styling adjustment possible by coating console in RAL colour, choice of material for second floor.