Cool-Spot in the professional kitchen

Cool-Spot in the professional kitchen

Relaxed working in a cooled workplace

Cool-Spot in the professional kitchen

Cool-Spot is the open cooling system for the cold side in the warm industrial kitchen.

Cool-Spot's innovative cooling technology creates a "blanket" of cold air and ultra-clean fine moisture vapor on the worktop on the cold side of the kitchen. This gives a constant temperature between 2 and 7˚C, within the requirements set by the Commodities Authority. The Cool-Spot climate provides cold air with neutral humidity.

Unlike traditional cooling techniques, Cool-Spot cools from above. The climate is available on the worktop up to a height of about 20 cm.

With Cool-Spot, your appetizers, cold dishes and desserts retain the highest quality, do not dry out and discolour less quickly. With Cool-Spot you show that food safety and the reduction of waste are important points of attention for you.