Cool-Spot in a buffet

Cool-Spot in a buffet

Food safety, less waste and a beautiful presentation with Cool-Spot

This type of cold buffet, often combined with a warm part, is often seen at hotels in the breakfast and lunch restaurant.

Cool-Spot offers you everything you could want here with a cold buffet, a nice fresh presentation, cool and safe. Under our motto; Fresh stays Fresh! you can now present sensitive food products "safely" for much longer than normal while retaining quality under particularly hygienic conditions.

Products do not dry out, do not discolor, there is no condensation and they retain their quality. The temperature remains below 7, keep temperature in a food-safe climate, better than in the refrigerator. Security is no longer necessary and you create peace and therefore work more efficiently. Due to the substantial savings on waste, less waste, Cool-Spot is sustainable, at the same time economical with a fast payback time.

You now receive in the netherlands an environmental subsidy for an investment in Cool-Spot as a sustainable and environmentally friendly system. MIA / Vamil the Cool-Spot system has proven itself in recent years, after all, you don't get that on regular cooling systems.

The innovative cooling technology of Cool-Spot is European patented. This creates a "blanket" of cold air on the buffet in combination with an ultra-clean fine moisture vapor. This produces a constant temperature between 4 and 6˚C, within the requirements set by the Commodities Authority. The Cool-Spot climate provides cold air with neutral humidity. Contrary to traditional cooling techniques, Cool-Spot cools from above, to a height of approximately 18 cm to a depth of 80 cm.