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Why choose COOL-SPOT cooling technology?

Food safety, less food wasting and many more reasons...‚Äč

1. Fresh remains fresh

Vulnerable cold food remains fresh and very high-quality for hours outside the regular refrigerator. Fluctuations in temperature are a thing of the past and covering the food while it is stored is no longer needed to prevent dehydration and discolouration.

2. Less food wasting
Loss of cold dishes as a result of warming, dehydration or discolouration is reduced by better conditions in the workplace. While the law currently requires that fresh products must be disposed of after two hours outside the refrigerator, this is no longer necessary with COOL-SPOT.

3. Save time
Fewer actions are needed, such as covering and setting aside the food for storage.

4. Work a sustainable way by saving energy
Local conditions per workplace, rather than in the entire space. This applies to professional kitchens, but also to processing chains where fresh products such as meat, fish, shellfish, etc, are used.

5. Work in a relaxed way
Ingredients and dishes stay fresh longer in a cooled workplace. This means your kitchen staff can relax and the logistic process becomes more worry-free and easier. In addition, less time will need to be spent on the administration related to the Dutch 2-hour quality assurance and loss legislation.